6 March 2012

Art of Cooking Banger Rally 2012

Chef John and artist Steve - aka "Team: Art of Cooking" - are taking part in the Motoscape Banger Rally 2012 from 1st - 7th September 2012 on an amazing road trip from St.Omer, France to Prague, Czech Republic and raising funds for Daisy's Deam and the British Heart Foundation.

Starting in France we will hope to cross Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Hungary and arrive in the Czech Republic.

Ten countries in 7 days....and if we want to take a slight detour we can add Liechtenstein to make it eleven!

It all depends upon our rescued MoT scrap vehicle - a beautiful blue Ford Cortina 1.3L registered in Feb 1982! Thirty years old!

Wish us well but better still please donate and support our chosen causes. Or you can sponsor us per country mile or buy advertising space on the car!

Thanks for reading our blog and for your help.