7 September 2012

Sensible drive to Prague today. Had a good walk around the old town. Busy but very nice. Would be well worth a weekend visit. Start of the journey home tomorrow morning.

6 September 2012

Thursday we drove to Sopron in Hungary, country number 10. Only just Hungary though, about 5 miles from Austria. On the way up there were many more stunning views of the Alps and we popped into Slovenia to take our country tally to 9. THe old girl is running brilliantly. Still not using any oil and hardly any water. Fingers crossed!

Yesterday, wednesday, well at least I think it was wednesday, was another superb day. We visited Marinello, home of Ferrari and toured the museum. Then it was a mad dash to Venice by train to make a whistle-stop tour of the old city. It was extremely busy'

4 September 2012

Had a good day at the Stelvio pass. Broke down half way up the mountain! Got repaired and made it to the top, 9000 feet. Some of the hairpin bends were extremely scary but John was gentle with the old girl! First thing we drove for 5 minutes to get to Liechtenstein and Switzerland. Our hotel at Lake Iseo is fantastic, right on the lake.

3 September 2012

Had a great day! Black forest, stunning views. Not sure about the biggest cuckoo clock in the world!

2 September 2012

Tomorrow we are going through the Rhine gorge to Lake Constance, ending up in feldkirch Austria. You can also keep up with us by googling the Motoscape website.